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Doing Hypnosis Online: What to Expect

Getting online hypnotherapy may, to some, seem like an odd thing. Some clients may be initially reluctant to change from in-person to online hypnosis sessions; However, research has shown that telehealth, and other approaches that are not ‘in-person’ can provide as much value as those in-person experiences.

COVID-19 has radically changed the way we work across all industries and occupations. For safety reasons, the world has massively shifted to an online approach. However, we have found that sessions may be as good as or even more effective when performed online.

When it comes to hypnosis, the client may feel more comfortable and susceptible as he or she will be in a familiar, known home environment. There is no need to to travel, making for a better use of their time.

It will be usual for the hypnotherapist to send information prior to a session with instructions on how to prepare for a online hypnotherapy.

Here are some things your hypnotherapist may require to prepare before starting:

• To download Zoom or another online video conferencing programme

• A laptop, iPad or smartphone/iphone/Tablet etc

• A quiet space where you cannot be disturbed

• Somewhere to relax and feel totally at ease (chair/sofa or bed)

• Loose clothing

• A good quality headset

• A blanket to lay over your feet – sometimes they get a little cold

Online hypnotherapy sessions are fantastic to help overcome anxieties, ditch fears, quit smoking, increase motivation and much more.

Karen Turner -Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master Practitioner

and Mindfulness Teacher.

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