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Can I be hypnotised?

Yes - but your hypnotist or hypnotherapist needs to bespoke your hypnosis session and test your suggestibility first. Generic hypnosis is unlikely to be effective without your hypnotist truly understanding your suggestibility,

John Kappas identified two types of suggestibility - physical and emotional and along with that the recognition, that everyone is suggestible to something. It is therefore imperative for your hypnotist or hypnotherapist to phrase hypnotic suggestions in a way that you will accept them, ensuring the effectiveness of your hypnosis sessions.

Physical suggestible individuals will respond to direct literal suggestions affecting the body and emotional suggestible individuals will respond to inferred suggestions. A third type of suggestibility was identified as a somnambulist who is able to respond to both physical and emotional suggestions - the somnambulist is a rare breed. There are of course innumerable variations of suggestibility too.

Source: The Professional Hypnotism Manual. John G Kappas Ph.D


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