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What it's like when you can't sleep

One of my more recent clients came to me because for as long as she could remember, she had been unable to sleep.

The problem, she said, was not only getting to sleep, but also achieving a deep restful sleep.

During our long conversation she explained how, since she was a little girl, she would make up stories in her head to distract her brain and trick it into sleep; how she used to walk around her home pretending to be a ghost whilst her sisters and parents slept.

She talked about coming back from university lectures to sleep in the afternoon instead of going out with friends and, how during lunch breaks at work, she would slope off to her car in the office building parking lot, to sneak in an hour of sleep. She constantly felt exhausted, lacked energy and walked around like a zombie. At night when it was the right time to sleep, the much needed sleep always eluded her.

"What can I do Karen?" she asked "I've tried so many things and nothing seems to work. It's like putting a bandage on an open wound "

Together we went through her history and her current habits and found out that a lot of things in her daily routine were contributing to her sleep disorders. We talked about how hypnotherapy can help quiet the mind through positive suggestion to change associations and, improve her ability to sleep deeply through the night.

I am now working with her to change the habits that are sabotaging her sleep. She is also using self hypnosis, and we have customised key words and suggestions, specifically tailored for her in order to enhance the hypnotherapy experience. She is already seeing improvements in just a couple of sessions.


Are you having trouble sleeping? I can help you through a personalised hypnotherapy programme that is designed to help your particular need. No two cases are alike. If you need help to find the rest you deserve book a FREE assessment today.


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