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Why Reiki Healing is the best way to gain self control

When searching for methods of self healing, you might be overwhelmed by the array of techniques, practices, and methods of healing and self improvement that are available today:

Self Control

Most of these healing practises focus on the concept of self control theory: a belief that most criminal practices stem from a lack of self control from the individual.

Most studies have found that there is indeed a correlation between low levels (or a complete lack of) restraint and impulsive and/or destructive and criminal behavior.

However, if you look at the self control theory from a spiritual perspective, it makes sense — regardless of whether our actions are criminal or not.

Think about all the times you have unnecessarily harmed someone — even just in thought. While it’s something to be thankful for that you at least had some boundaries in place, imagine if you didn’t. Perhaps instead of wishing someone ill, yelling at them, or being rude to them, you might have physically hurt them.

Negative emotions like anger, jealousy, impatience, and vindictiveness are also imposed on us by a lack of self control.

If we mastered our emotions, we wouldn’t sweat the small stuff. We wouldn’t waste energy adding negativity to the world, because we would realize that by harming others we are also harming ourselves.

Self mastery is the most important step in emotional and spiritual healing because it is the foundation that positivity is built on. If we can’t control ourselves, we will never improve.


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