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5 Common Misconceptions about Hypnotherapy

It's Mind Control

There is a misconception that patients surrender all control of themselves during a hypnotherapy session. However, someone undergoing hypnosis is participating by choice and is fully in control of themselves.

I'll do something embarrassing

A hypnotherapist cannot make someone do anything that would go against their core values. Any hypnotised subject can reject any suggestion made to him by the hypnotist.

I can't be hypnotised

Some people believe that to be hypnotised you must be weak minded. In reality, people who are able to concentrate and have a strong sense of creativity are most likely to be successful subjects of hypnotherapy. Some people are more 'suggestible' in hypnosis If you've ever got caught up in watching a movie or found yourself walking home from work lost in thought with no recollection of the journey then you have experienced hypnosis - a naturally occurring state. A hypnotherapist is simply someone who helps to guide you into hypnosis. As no-one can hypnotise you without your consent, it is often said by therapists that all hypnosis is self hypnosis.

Hypnosis is mystical magic

Hypnotherapy is a clinical practice, just like any other form of psychotherapy, used to treat a wide variety of mental, physical and emotional issues with the assistance of a professional who has been properly trained. Hypnotherapists do not have “special powers.”

It's a miracle cure

On the other hand, we have those who believe hypnotherapy to be a miracle cure that can instantly take care of any ailment from diabetes to baldness. Hypnosis cannot fix congenital damage or genetic problems. It cannot help you achieve anything that is truly physically impossible; However, for a wide variety of conditions, hypnosis facilitates a heightened focus and concentration to allow modification of behaviour. Positive results depend on the subject's commitment and motivation




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