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Find your Balance, Harmony
and Inner Peace to live your Best Life

A Warm Welcome

The brain, an intricate web of billions of neurons, stands as a testament to the universe's complexity embodied within us.

Dr. Joe Dispenza aptly puts it,


"To change our lives, we must change our energy."

This energy stems from our thoughts, those elusive fragments of consciousness that seemingly arise from nowhere, yet hold the power to sculpt our reality.

Hello, I'm Karen Turner.

Central to my wellness philosophy is "Mind Body Alchemy," capturing the deep connection between our mental state and physical well-being.


My dedication to mastering the realms of hypnotherapy, the clarity of mindfulness, the rejuvenating channels of Reiki, and the transformative techniques of NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) stems from personal tragedy.


I weave all these modalities, enriched by a lifetime of life and career experiences, into a distinctive wellness offering.

For those wading through the intricacies of menopause, seeking solace from daily pressures, or delving into a profound self-exploratory quest, I provide tools designed holistically and tailored individually. My emphasis isn't just on momentary relief, but on lasting transformation

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Chartered MCIPD 

Master NLP Practitioner (INLPTA)

Mindfulness Teacher

Certified Zing Performance Coach

Master Hypnotherapist (EKAA and HMI)

Reiki Master

Join me on this transformative journey, a dance where mind and body meld in perfect alchemy.

I am rooted in the belief that we all hold the capability to lead a life full of vibrancy and purpose. Yet, many are tethered to scripts imprinted deep within from years gone by.


Embracing our genuine selves means understanding and reshaping this internal narrative to truly reflect our individual vision.

Whatever it is that you need, it's here and available for you. Click here to book your discovery call. 

Personal Transformation

NLP can be can be combined with hypnotherapy to offer a powerful blend for personal transformation, rewiring beliefs and behaviors for success. Unlock your mind's full potential to achieve your goals faster and more effectively. Elevate your life through focused, targeted coaching


Hypnotherapy is a therapeutic technique that uses guided relaxation, intense concentration, and focused attention to achieve a heightened state of awareness. This state, often referred to as a trance, allows the client to turn their attention completely inward, exploring thoughts, feelings, and memories they might have hidden from their conscious minds


Close your eyes and imagine a warmth, a gentle energy flowing through you, rejuvenating every cell, every thought. That's the magic of Reiki. It's like the soft caress of the universe, guiding your energy to balance, harmony, and healing.

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I saw Karen to see if she could help me with sleep issues. I experienced immediate benefits after just one session - and my sleeping continued to improve even more as we progressed. Karen has such a calm and warm approach and is so skilled at drawing out thought patterns and behaviours  that have led to my long term insomnia. I found the actual hypnosis to be profoundly relaxing and calming and I have continued to reap the benefits of her help. I can highly recommend Karen to anyone who is looking to get over any long term issues"
Rebecca R

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I can help
You Control Anxiety

Take control of your anxiety and reprogamme the subconscious mind

Improve Wellbeing

Motivate yourself, to live your best life and change habits  

Learn how to manage 

everyday stress. without cigarettes

Achieve your goals

Improve learning and development through the enhancement of brain function 

Develop better sleep habits without the need for medication

Live a fulfilled Life

Take control of what's holding you back and live the life you deserve

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